Parliament. Wow. Parliament.

Holy crap. Parliament was epic last night. E. P. I. C. We think that’s how you spell it at least… A huge gigantic massive thanks to everyone involved in making the magic happen – whether you performed on stage, volunteered, recorded video testimony, ate cupcakes, or simply came through and enjoyed the music – thank you! None of what the Bus does is possible without you!

A special thanks to Nicole Fallat from Washington Conservation Voters and Susannah Zeveloff from Cascade Bicycle Club for repping the environmental community and getting all the attendees up to speed on the Environmental Priorites Coalition bills that are winding their way through Olympia! Nicole rocked the stage, and we appreciate it!

And finally, huge, unbelievably massive, giant and in every other way superlative thanks and admiration to the folks who actually made the day happen: the Bus’s hard-hitting squad of interns. Sonny, Gabe, Kaya, Addis and Cedar decided how the event was going to be run, who should be there, and how it was all going to come together. Needless to say they did an amazing job, and we are over the top proud of them. YOU GUYS RULE.

And now, without further ado – the pictures you’ve all been waiting for! Parliament 3 – coming soon!

10th & Commerce on their sound check grizzly

The stage awaits.

Table o' swag

Brothers from Another bring the ruckus

Tons more after the jump:

Moving so fast you can't see the dude!

State of the Artist, owning the stage

High energy from SOTA

Hard to see, but this song - a SOTA/Kung Foo Grip collabo - was EPIC.

A Siberian Snow Tiger was on the prowl

Susannah, Nicole and the Bus's own Mollie

10th & Commerce; shredding.

Getting the crowd involved

Promo photo

Rhythm section

Intern coordinator Sonny with Rockwell Powers

Signing up to record video testimony in support of environmental bills

Recording said video testimony

The name of the game

3 Responses to “Parliament. Wow. Parliament.”

  1. 1 Kate
    January 15, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    So awesome! Thanks for all the amazing work you do. Can’t wait to see those videos.

  2. 2 Spiro Agnewschool
    January 15, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    Fresh fresh show all around! Good to see SOTA pull the Kung Foo lads up on stage widdim, their song wrecked house.

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