BUDGETPOCALYPSE: paying for college part ii

Hey y’all, BUGDETPOCALYPSE is still coming… no, we don’t know where the top to Mt. Rainier is, OK? It just kind of flew off, like you saw. I think that column of lava and fire has something to do with where it went.

Er… Anyway, more news about the whole “paying-for-the-education-that-so-many-people-say-is-the-only-way-you’re-going-to-get-a-good-job-in-the-21st-century-information-economy” thing. UW students were polled by their student association about their priorities (Ben Golden, the head of ASU, is active in the comments thread) in the upcoming Time of Financial Reckoning and there’s a lot of results that you might not expect – it’s analysis time, people.

grapical-image rendering thingy of results

Everyone is on board with quality of education. That’s not surprising. What’s surprising is that it so thoroughly trounced affordability as the top priority of this sampling of the student body. We will have our cake and eat it, sir!

Obviously it’s hard to consider an Internet survey the definitive opinion of UW’s student body, but it’s good to see that students aren’t going to take cuts in quality lying down. We at the Bus would encourage concerned students to come to Olympia in a Can to make sure you get heard!


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