Olympia in a Can – your one stop shop!

Holy Oly. Olympia in a Can is just a week away. And it’s going to be The Epic. Not only do you get to kick back in one of Seattle’s finest venues, and not only do you get to have a virtual face-to-face conversation with some of Olympia’s movers and/or shakers, but to top the whole thing off, we’ll be watching the State of the Union Address in the first half of the night!

Yes, it’s almost too much. We’re barely controlling ourselves.

All that, and guess what? You’re invited. All you have to do is show up at Grey Gallery and Lounge (1512 11th Ave) on Capitol Hill at 6:00, grab a seat (and a drink, if you’re of age), and let the goodness wash over you. Will there be experts on hand to talk about how this affects Washington, and specifically funding for higher education? Absolutely. Will there be drinking games? Perhaps. Will you be there? We hope so.

Olympia in a Can, Episode 1: Higher Education and the State of the Union
Wednesday, January 27
Grey Gallery and Lounge – 1512 11th Ave
6-8 pm
All Ages! Bar w/ID
The State of our Union, higher education, legislators via video


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