The future of campaign finanace is the past

Dave Bossie, Prez of Citizens United, and the man responsible (if we were to choose one single person). Photo by Luke Sharrett, courtesy of the New York Times

The Bus is all about open and fair elections… that’s a pretty important ingredient of Democracy Soup, isn’t it? Yum yum. That plus free press, checks and balances, and judicial review…

…oh, yeah, judicial review. Well, the Supreme Court whiffed on that front. They released a ruling that allows corporations and unions to spend they dollaz on campaign ads whenever they want in elections, just like they could back in the day. This has a lot of ramifications… particularly if you’re not a fan of the (usually super-negative) TV and radio ads that show up in early fall during election years. You now get to hear your friends at Faceless Corporation X share their opinions on the worthiness of candidates… cause that’s totally the missing voice in this system we’ve got.

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This also says a lot about the Supremes these days. The Court is always accused of judicial activism (whatever that means) by whatever group disagrees with their most recent ruling. What’s different with this Court is their fresh and new conservative judicial activist outlook… and that Justice John Paul Stevens guy is the one saying it. I guess that’s pretty legit, then (mostly because of that totally rad bowtie.) He seems to be on the mark… pretty much everyone except more right-winger types are against this ruling- it says something when moderates like Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine aren’t down with this development.

On a local level, the cyborg P-I advises us to take a big, deep breath. It’ll be cool. Local and state races aren’t governed by federal election laws and corporations and unions don’t spend too much money on local elections anyway.

Since the ruling is based in the First Amendment, and the First Amendment is in most minds limited to, y’know, people, the Bus leaves you with a crazy question… is a corporation a person?

Via: Free Speech for People.



2 Responses to “The future of campaign finanace is the past”

  1. January 21, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    This is whack. I am starting my own Supreme Court.

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