ohmigodohmigod OLYMPIA IN A CAN…

…IS TOTALLY TOMORROW. Are you excited? We are.

Why should you be excited? Cause we’re going to grab a beer and a piece of the democratic process at the Grey Gallery in Seattle* at 6 pm. YOU! can talk to your legislator without even going to Olympia. Wow. That is pretty incredible. We’re also going to watch Barack Obama’s second(?)** State of the Union address.

For the more numerical types, here’s 10 reasons why you should come:

1. Liquid refreshment (in cans)

2. YOU! and your video testimony

3. Legislators answering YOU!r questions

4. Public higher education needs your help

5. It’s a reason to get out on Wednesday

6. Awesome art

7. You can make new friends

7. We have a Bus

8. It’s the water

9. We all really want to see you

10. BARACK OBAMA WILL BE THERE… via satellite… speaking to Congress… about the State of the Union

So be there…

…or be s-q-u-a-r-e.

*The address: 1512 11th Avenue on Capitol Hill (between Pike and Pine)

**Cause the first one technically wasn’t required by the Constitution… it was more of an address to a joint session of Congress… or something.


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