Oly in a Can – numero dos, this time it’s environmental

And it’s personal. Dangit.

That’s right people, after last week’s blow out at Grey, Oly in a Can, Episode 2, is smashing towards you as. we. speak. And yes, as the name suggests, this time we’re focusing on that one great common denominator – the environment.

No, hippie, it’s not just for drum circles anymore. We’ll be hearing about what’s happening in the worlds of health (what’s up asthma reduction?), wealth (oh, hey green tech), and even your very own neighborhood (sustainable, walkable, so so sexy).

So what do you have to do? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually – just come to Grey Gallery on Capitol Hill in Seattle (151211th Ave) on Wednesday, February 10th from 6 to 8 pm, enjoy a beverage (both +/- 21 options are available, natch), kick back, and let the Bus take you away. It’s that easy breezy. See you there!

Olympia in a Can, Episode 2: This time it’s environmental.
Grey Gallery and Lounge – 1512 11th Ave, Seattle
Wednesday, February 10th
6-8 PM


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