What’s cracking 2 nite?

Uh, Oly in a Can, natch.

Yup. It’s true. Questionable grammar aside, tonight’s the night to make your way to Grey Gallery (1512 11th Ave) for the full sensory immersion that is Oly in a Can.

OlyInACan_Logo2_small.jpgTonight it’s all about the environment, and to that end, we’re bringing together four of the smartest young people doing the Olympia do, plus secret celebrity questioners via video, and a couple extra cherries on top that you’ll just have to show up to find out about.

Because we love you (and we do, really), we’re offering a top secret deal to all our monthly members – the first drink is on us. Just, uh, don’t tell the boss, know what I mean? This is on the down low, as the kids have been known to say.

So if you like the environment (you do), and you like good art (you do), and you want to combine all that into the best way to make an impact on Olympia, then hell, we’ll be seeing you tonight at Grey Gallery.

Glad we got that settled!

Olympia in a Can 2 – This Time It’s Environmental
Wednesday, February 10th (tonight!)
6-8 pm
Grey Gallery and Lounge – 1512 11th Ave, on Capitol Hill


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