Oly in a Can Part 2 – Enviro throwdown maximized


You know who’s smart? Experts. Experts are some of the smartest people we know.  Experts tend to be, well, experts in their field. And we were lucky enough to have four of the most environmentally expertised individuals in Washington join us at Oly in a Can #2 yesterday. Ah, to bask in the glow of smart people.

It was an awesome night – we filled up Grey Gallery with young people who wanted to hear what was the what with environmental legislation in Olympia, and who then called their legislators and recorded video testimony. Was it good times? Yes. Was it infomatic for the people? Absolutely. Can you come to the next one, on February 24th? Yup.

But as always, pictures speak better than words. Check them below (taken by the ever-awesome Noel Frame), and huge thanks to our expert panel, Nicole Fallat, Kerri Cechovic, Jessica Finn-Coven and Jim Dawson!

Oly in a Can: looming

Introducing the experts

Following closely

Visit via video from King County Exec Dow Constantine

Knowledge = dropping

Oh us? We're just lamping.

Enjoying the show.

Some of the experts, holding it up.

Busgo = bingo. Tricky, no?

Locked in.

The loneliest Mollie.

Great success!

Bridging the generational divide.


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