Revenue in review

What a way to spend Presidents Day. This afternoon, Olympia, our lovely and talented state capitol, was overrun. And no, this was no ordinary invasion of Visigoths, Ostrogoths, or any other type of Goth for that matter (and yes, that’s a reference to the Roman Empire, not the questionable fashion choice). Rather, Oly saw an influx of thousands upon thousands of people from across the state who want our state budget to be one that is not all cuts, and instead brings a balance approach to the table. Closing tax loopholes? Hell yeah. Generating revenue? Yup. And why? Because that’s how you pay for extremely vital things like, oh say, education, healthcare, human services, and on and on and on.

There were thousands of people in attendance,and they all deserve huge appreciation for being part of the Oly takeover, but special kudos are due to the organizing crew who made the day happen, including Fuse’s Jim Dawson, Erin Haick and Liz Elwart, Washington CAN’s Joshua Welter, Washington Student Association’s Mike Bogotay and Christina Rocks, and the rest of the behind-the-scenes folks who made the day the unmitigated success that it was.

Check the pics, it’s staggering!

Woop, there it is.

Say that then

Bussers represent

Trust the chicken

Marching on Olympia

The crowd begins to gather on the capitol steps


The rearing capitol building

Faces of change

They just keep coming...

The Bus's Mollie Price, the main taker of these pictures

You didn't trust the chicken? How about the chicken AND a olde timey pioneer?



Like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike

Jim Dawson, one of the movers and/or shakers

Another of those who made it happen, Erin Haick

It got crowded in the heart of things

All in together

Best button of the day: Tax Me, I'm no sissy!

Penguins support revenue. Are you an enemy of penguins?

More disreputable Bus types

Poster child for everything good in the world

Cute kids for a balanced revenue package!

Many more after the jump….

The people, united, etc...

To the point

Fact: all the cute kids favor a budget that is not all-cuts

UAW 4121 holding it down. Or up, rather...

Feel the vibe!


From the block to the top, big homie style

See??? ALL the cute kids. No peer pressure, we promise....

WSA impresario Mike Bogotay, nose to the grindstone even in the midst of his own creation


"We taking over" - c/o DJ Khaled

The view from the steps

This is what democracy looks like

The Children's Alliance's Paola Maranan, on the podium

Intently focused on the podium

Is this the youngest speaker of the day?


Surprise! There's the youngest speaker!

They are.

In your face, with a big orange taste (as the kids say)

This house was packed

Rally organizers, getting their lean on.

That's the idea!

Voice = heard

Putting a face to the challenge

WWU Vikings, loving themselves some lobby day action!

Interviewing some of the day's speakers

More Vikings, waiting for their representatives to come out and meet them

Bike champ David Hiller - note the tie

And there's that tie - itty bitty capitol buildings. What better image to send off a day of taking over the capitol?


3 Responses to “Revenue in review”

  1. 1 Rosie
    February 15, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    I hope it makes a difference! Dori Munson and Tim Eyman are straight h8rs. Where were the environmentalists today? I thought they were going to join in too.

  2. 2 charlotte
    February 22, 2010 at 11:44 am

    I saw lots of signs for clean air and water- enviros were there for sure.

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