The 2010 Oly in a Can Awards

Can you smell the anticipation? Are you palms itching from the thrill of the hunt? Are you pretty sure that Kevin Bacon will be not six, but a maximum of THREE degrees removed? And, of course, are you wondering if Thomas will be wearing that new Juicy Couture number everyone’s been raving about (Note: nobody has raved about Juicy Couture for… three years? Sorry for the confusion – Editor)?

This can mean only one thing. The time is upon us for the first ever installment of the Bus’s Oly in a Can Awards!

You like Olympia. You like cans (presumably). And you especially like the smart people who have had what we like to call “The Big Wins” during this most Hobbesian of legislative sessions. So do we. All three of those things. And so we’ll be giving some of our favorite Oly-centric types some much deserved adulation. Some of their names may be familiar. Some may be shocking. None of them will be awful. And all of them are fighting the good fight. Who will bring home the bacon? Well, you’ll have to show up to find out!

Also on the docket: music by the one and only Selector Tang, you messaging legislators on Facebook, and the best art this side of the Gagosian Gallery. You like? You like. We’ll see you there!

Oly in a Can, Episode 3 – The 2010 Oly in a Can Awards
Wednesday, February 24th
Grey Gallery and Lounge – 1512 11th Ave in Seattle
6 to 8 pm – awards presentation 7ish, but we’re not tripping


1 Response to “The 2010 Oly in a Can Awards”

  1. 1 206ttle
    February 17, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    ooh. love the Juno-esk font!

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