Oly in a Can – bootleg poster!

Bootleg! Accept no imitations!

What do you know about that? Oly in a Can Episode 3 is coming up on Wednesday, and ALREADY we’re seeing knock-offs and bootlegs. Take for instance the poster above. Just look at it. Observe the shoddy reproduction of the date (Wednesday, Feb 24th), the time (6 to 8 pm), and the location (Grey Gallery – 1512 11th Ave).

Now, the Bus would never stoop so low as to create such a low-budget poster. Never. Not in a million years. Even if we know that changing the color of a poster dramatically means more people look at it. Uh uh. I mean, there’s no chance the Bus would ever use, say, Powerpoint, to do our graphics? Nope. No, not us. We certainly wouldn’t ever in a million years be that low budget.

Must be somebody ripping us off. Yup, sure, that’s the only option…


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