The 2010 Oly in a Can Awards – la bonne affaire

Last night was AWESOME. We couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up our Oly in a Can series than last night’s soiree. As always, Grey was full of good people, smart politics, and great energy. You all rocked the Facebook (that’s a lot of messages for legislators to wake up to…), and our 2010 awardees made the stage stairs shine with awesome. They then attempted to eat their trophies (don’t believe? Just look below…).

Again, thanks to everyone who came out last night, especially to the members of our awesome board of directors! Big shouts to Eric, Matt, Tara, and the other awesome people of Grey, and to Selector Tang for holding down the musics so nice.

Check the pictures, and thanks for coming through!

Lobbying 2.0

Looking up those legislative districts.

Alternate text: Buck a shot for your state.

Obey the bears.

The crowds gather.

Like father, like daughter.

The 2010 Oly in a Can Awardees!

We sort of thought the trophies would be bigger...

...but we're still psyched!!!

No, noooo, DON'T eat the trophy. Liz? LIZ? DO NOT eat the trophy! Are you even listening?

Enviro Star


1 Response to “The 2010 Oly in a Can Awards – la bonne affaire”

  1. 1 206ttle
    February 25, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Yeah Washington Student Association! WSA all the way.

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