Special session demystified

It's special, dammit.

Happy day one of special session! Special session is that magical time of the year when… wait, what? How does this work again?

Yes, it’s true: the ins and outs of a special session can be confusing. Luckily, our good friends (we’re besties) down at the Tacoma News-Tribune have produced a hard-hitting interview that gets to the bottom of a) why are we having a special session, and b) the history of said parliamentary phenomenon. Here’s an excerpt, check the link for the full enchilada.

Q: What’s so special about a special session?

A: It’s special only because it isn’t regular. They used to call them extraordinary sessions but no one was buying that.

Q: But doesn’t this reflect poor performance by our politicians?

A: That depends.

Q: On what?

A: On whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Democrats point out that the state is in extraordinary – or maybe they meant special – times. They need more than 60 days to fill another big hole in the state budget. Republicans say the only reason more time is needed is because Democrats couldn’t quite find enough votes to raise taxes.

Q: Who’s right?

A: These are extraordinary times and they need more time to find enough votes to raise taxes.

Q: You sound like a politician.


Get the rest of it here.


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