Your daily dose – national healthcare reform

Who wants a shot?? Wait, seriously, nobody?

Big things, big things in the ongoing national healthcare reform debate. And you know what’s astounding? It appears things are starting to come to a close. Yes, that’s right – we might see some resolution at long, long last. One of the biggest sticking points has been the costs/effect on the deficit.

To paraphrase a great statement: elbows are like opinions, everybody’s got to have one. And until yesterday, it was only opinion without significant information. But yesterday, oh yesterday, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released its projections for the reform bill being considered. Here are the four things you should know:

The legislation:

  • Cuts The Deficit – Cuts the deficit by $138 billion in the first ten years (2010 – 2019) and by $1.2 trillion in the second ten years.
  • Reins In Wasteful Medicare Costs & Extends The Solvency Of Medicare; Closes The Prescription Drug Donut Hole –Reduces annual growth in Medicare expenditures by 1.4 percentage points per year. Improves benefits and lowers costs for seniors. Extends Medicare’s solvency by at least 9 years.
  • Expands And Improves Health Coverage For Middle Class Families –Expands health insurance coverage to 32 million Americans. Helps guarantee that 95 percent of Americans will be covered.
  • Is Fully Paid For – Costs $940 billion over a decade. Americans spend nearly $2.5 trillion each year on health care now and nearly two-thirds of the bill is paid for by reducing health care costs.

Thanks to the good people at the Herndon Alliance for distilling a huge report into the above summary points. To quote a fading cultural icon: “BAM!”


1 Response to “Your daily dose – national healthcare reform”

  1. 1 Grace
    March 19, 2010 at 11:25 am

    And there might be vote Sunday! Democracy in action, so exciting! That is, democracy is slow, painful action that Mitch McConnell wants to derail so his team can win the game. Wow, that helps America 😉

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