Our Friends With Benefits are winners

The picture: AWESOME. The writing below? Really? REALLY??

Verily, ’tis true. Our most favored side in the right honorable Underdog Co-Rec volleyball league, Raptor Death Monkey, has a most nefarious alias. These erstwhile champions of Sport don the finest garb in which to do battle on the field of Volley-Ball, their raiments inscribed with those most powerful of phrases: Friends With Benefits. And lo, this awe-inducing statement, joined squarely with an athletic prowess and grace that can only truly be compared to the cheetah, has led the inimitable Raptor Death Monkey to an undefeated season. So far.

Fly, Raptor Death Monkey, fly.

And yes, they’re all Friends With Benefits at the Bus – you too can join their ranks!


1 Response to “Our Friends With Benefits are winners”

  1. 1 LEFTisRIGHT
    March 29, 2010 at 10:52 am

    I would love to be a friend with benefits, but alas have ZERO volleyball skillz.

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