How to be hip without being a hipster

This is an interesting series of curious events.

Item the first: every household in the nation received a 2010 Census form in the mail a couple of weeks ago. You should fill it out and send it in, for MANY reasons, foremost among them that accurate counts mean we get more federal funding, plus we’re on the shortlist for a new Congressional seat, which ups the stakes just a tad.

Item the second: you don’t want to be a hipster (and yes, we think it’s a dumb outdated term as well, but it’s a cultural signifier, and until we get the oomph to change how the world talks, we’re going to have to work with it), and apparently the new distinction of hipsterdom is that one does not turn in their Census form. Think we’re joking? Uh uh – NPR (hipster alert!?) did a story on the low Census form return rate in Williamsburg, aka Billyburg, aka last decade’s reigning neighborhood for hipsters and those that want to be them in New York. Here’s an excerpt:

The biggest census procrastinators in New York City happen to live in the most self-consciously hip neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Williamsburg is a magnet for kids just out of college, home of indie bands and ironic mustaches, wacky bikes and skinny jeans, and honest to goodness record stores like this one, Academy Annex.

Right?? Don’t be a hipster.

And finally, item the third: you can avoid being a hipster by sending in your Census form. And you can even do it while listening to some of that good good musics – this afternoon the Census is throwing its Rock the Count, with music, food and info on how to do do that Census oh so right. You should go. And bring your hipster friends.


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