The Bus, the summer, you and Greyhound

Bow wow wow, yipee yo, yipee yay.

There are two things the Bus loves above all else.

1) You.

2) Our plans for this summer’s all Bus everything takeover.

And guess what? We’re bringing those two very items together in one magical, wondrous place. On May 20th, you, as a freaking Bus hero/ine are invited to the austere and hallowed halls of Bus HQ for the grand overview of what the Bus’s summer is going to look like. Plus drinks and music by one of our very fave disc jockeys.

Essentially, you are going to be at the official strategy session (“sesh” to the kids in the know) that will spell out what the big goals are, where you can take control, and how we’re doing it all together.

The event is called Greyhound. Why? Well, there’s the whole bus recognize Bus aspect to it, but the real reason is that we’re going to be makin Greyhounds. Yes. The beverage. Yum. And yes, if you’re under 21, you get just pineapple juice.

So put it on your calendar, save the date, batten down the hatches, etc! Greyhound is galloping your direction! If dogs could even gallop!

2010 strategery x djs x you
Thursday, May 20
7-10 pm
Bus HQ: 1100 E Union St, Suite 1E, Seattle, WA


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