Greyhound tonight!

Hell yes. It’s going down tonight!

Greyhound, the Bus’s official summer kick-off, double dutch party, and weekend kicker-offer is mere hours away! Let us remind you what you will experience when you show up:

1) The musical stylings of Selector Tang, a dj feted in the Seattle Times (scroll down), and who provided a mixtape for your listening pleasure. Check it right here!

2) The double dutch stylings of the BoN3 BoUNC3r$, who will be representing as only bone bouncers can (and no, we’re really not sure what that would mean exactly).

3) The drumming stylings of Jason Finn, he of the Presidents of the United States of America and Love Battery. And a man to whom a pun is no obstacle.

4) The bartending stylings of Quentin Ertel, proprietor-in-chief of Havana and the Saint, and man behind the Bus’s fearsome greyhound arsenal.

5) And of course, you, getting the inside scoop on the Bus’s 2010 strategy. It’s an insiders’ briefing on what we’re doing, and we want you to be that insider!


Tonight, Thursday May 20th
7 to 10 pm
Bus HQ – 1100 E Union Street, Suite 1E


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