ElkFest 2010 – what a start to the summer!

In your FACE!

Oy gevalt! Spokane, you sure do know how to throw an awesome party! The Bus was SO lucky to be in the Lilac City for ElkFest, which has just ratcheted itself up into our top echelon of favorite Washington State events! Just in case you hadn’t heard, ElkFest was the first ever event for our Spokane partners in crime, NextUp Spokane. If you haven’t heard of them yet, get ready, because they’re here and they’re taking over!

But the weekend, ah, the weekend. So good. There was, in no particular order, a dunk tank, button making, tons of voter registration, VoteBots (multiple!), great music and so so much energy and enthusiasm for the Bus and NextUp Spokane!

Huge thanks to all the folks who made it possible: Marshall and the whole Elk team, Nash, Erika, Becka, Ryan, Brian, Paul, Bart, Andy, Jon, Mariah, Anne, Carol, Jessica, Blair, Bill, Karin, Ava, Sebastian and the Caffe Marro crew, and even more who we’re just too tuckered out to list. You are awesome! Thanks for being the beating heart of Spokane’s future!

Check out the pictures below, and let’s get amped up – it’s go time people!

All the cool kids hang out with VoteBot.

What, you mean THIS voter registration form?

VoteBot has all the right connections.

Right in the stinker (not that stinker...)

"Yes Man" takes a plunge

Good to go.

VoteBot AKA "Skatie Couric"

Music. food. beer. and more beer.

VoteBot(s) like to dance

We didn't know VoteBot had so many hidden talents...

Spreading the button love to Spokane.

Some things are better left "un-captioned"

Safety First.

Look at this button connection.


VoteBot never turns down a Free Hug offer.

We had some internal malfunctions...

...but we worked things out in the end.

Thumbs Up for VoteBot, ya'll.

"So where are the elk?"

Unfortunately Ken Griffey has already retired.

Thanks for being such a champ Erica.

We all knew he just wanted to take off his shirt.

...but Toby chose to keep his on

VoteBot has a nice shot.

"Are we there yet?"


Smooth Operator.

2 Responses to “ElkFest 2010 – what a start to the summer!”

  1. 1 votebot
    June 7, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    v073807 h4D 4 v3ry 900D 7IM3 4nD L0v3s Sp0k4N3! 7Hx Ph0R 73h M3M0RI3s.

  2. 2 Skyzoo
    June 7, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    Looks awesome. What bands were playing?

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