Patty Murray: Gushing with success

Washington’s senators are really cool. I mean, just look at some of the stuff they’ve said recently:

patty murray wants you to pay for what you bought

I rise today to speak about a resolution to honor our Nation’s search and rescue personnel by designating May 16 through May 22, 2010, as National Search and Rescue Week. -Maria Cantwell

I move to lay that motion on the table. -Patty Murray

WORD! You can feel the radness emanating from the Other Washington over to this one. I mean, just think about HOW FREAKING AWESOME SEARCH AND RESCUE WEEK WAS THIS YEAR!

And, besides designating unobserved (unobservable?) holiday weeks, they’re also taking it to BP- you know, those guys who let several bathtubs’ worth of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Or something.

So Maria Cantwell did this badass thing where she called out BP on, y’know, not being honest and responsible and stuff:

Search and rescue THAT. If you can. (We don’t know what we mean by that either.)

And now there’s some more  action on that front from our other powerhouse Senator, the Honorable Patty Murray. The esteemed Publicola.net (not .com, as I always try to type into my search bar) tells us our senior Senator is working on a big bill that would raise, or even eliminate, the liability cap for oil spill polluters. What does that mean, exactly? Camden Swita has your back like chiroprac:

Under current law, BP is already responsible for the cost of cleanup, but is not wholly liable for the host of economic damages an oil spill causes, such as the loss of tourism and fishing revenue, among other things. If BOBA passes, BP could be found liable in court for billions upon billions of economic damages along the gulf coast and

So on a macro level, this could be a big move against corporate malfeasance and irresponsibility- always a good thing. On an immediate level, we could see BP held responsible for the widespread economic devastation that is a direct result of the environmental damage caused by the poorly-supervised, shoddy construction of the Deepwater Horizon rig.

That is, instead of just paying for cleaning birds, beaches, water, plants, sand, mudflats, river deltas… uh, a lot of important stuff, BP would also have to help repair the lives and livelihoods it is very responsible for devastating.

Good call, Senator. After all, considering how much we still have to pay for, we shouldn’t have to pay for a big, rich company’s screw ups.

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