mmmmm… golden maple bars

reeling in syrupy goodness

If you’re from Seattle or the Seattle area, you probably already know about the Bus-approved adored Top Pot Donuts, where the Best. Donus. Ever. are made.

Top Pot’s version of the Northwest delicacy known as the maple bar* are so good, in fact, that new Seahawks receiver Golden Tate**  was busted trying to catch some after-hours maple deliciousness by sneaking into the Bellevue Top Pot location… at 3 am, when the store is closed. Golden was sheepish about his desire for Golden-frosted goodness:

“They’re irresistible,” Tate said. “It was kind of a foolish mistake that won’t happen again.”

At least not while the store is closed.

“If you ever want some maple bars, that’s the place to go,” he said.

better than pigskin

I know where the man is coming from. Sometimes you get an uncontrollable urge. Especially for Top Pot. Luckily, everyone thought the maple-grabbing was more comedy than crime (Tate didn’t face any legal consequences). Wrote Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll on Twitter, “A great maple bar is a great maple bar, right golden?? They don’t come along everyday … a classic TopPot temptation!” while Top Pot cofounder Mark Klebeck expressed his “hope to meet Golden Tate and sign him to an exclusive endorsement deal after the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.” Assuming he isn’t working for Top Pot already.

In the meantime, Top Pot is selling a lot of maple bars.


*I go to school in New England, where, sadly, they don’t have maple bars. My fellow-Seattleite has his mom send him boxes of Top Pot maple bars through the mail. Really.

**Who only just moved to Washington from South Bend, Ind., where he played college ball after growing up in Tennessee and is already hooked on this stuff. It’s a delicacy, friends.


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