Yes on 1098 and Fremont: a naked grab for signatures

Naked people power

You might have noticed that summer weather has come to Western Washington. We kid, of course- seriously, it’s been like 55 degrees every day this week. Still, this happy Friday finds Seattle at a balmy 65, so that’s pretty cool.

So if you’re in Seattle, you’re probably looking for a place to work on your sunburn lovely tan. Look no further than the Fremont Fair! Not only will there be interesting stuff like live music, craft booths, a beer garden, Lenin, gay bingo, a troll and a Bard, naked people, and a parade, but there will also be a bunch of people like you collecting signatures to get initiative 1098 on the ballot.

In fact, if you like things like schools and basic health care, which 1098 will help fund, you really need to be out there. The 1098 campaign is setting up volunteers at 10 am at their headquarters near Gasworks, then heading over to the Fair. The Bus highly encourages this sort of behavior. We like us well-funded state programs.

Oh, and we like good times. And the Fremont Fair is always a good time. Especially when you’re enjoying it and simultaneously working to make our state more fair and prosperous. See you there!


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