Meet your Hella Bus bloggers

You may have noticed the quantity and, frankly, the quality of posts on Hella Bus have recently taken a turn for the impressive (if we do say so ourselves). Well, that’s no coincidence – this summer, there is core crew of writers that are making Hella Bus hum.

Some of them are familiar to you, some are brand new, and they’re laying the foundation for the sparkling new and fancy future of Hella Bus. Get familiar below, and watch out for their bylines (yes, bylines, we have that technology) in all your favorite posts!

You may know Gabe from his classic series “Gabe’s Picks” and “If you can’t come doorbelling,” but you’re even more likely to know him as one of Seattle’s foremost documentarians of street art and graphic goodness. A 2009 Summer Fellow and recent high school grad, Gabe’s heading off to college this fall, and will be your artistic muse until he takes off.

As a recent Seattle arrivee, Helena’s first impression of the Emerald City was its superior, faultless, and endlessly boundary-pushing fashion sense. Or was it? Regardless, Helena has stepped into the newest of Hella Bus roles, covering street fashion and the personalities behind it. If she stops you to take your picture, you’re probably going to end up on Hella Bus. And that, my friend, is a win.

We have to admit – Peter’s a little bit of a ringer. As the Bus’s first and only Communications Fellow, Peter spends more time with the blog than is really healthy. How do we know this? Some things are best left private. In addition to infusing Washington State and national news with puns and insight, Peter is leading the behind-the-scenes charge to bulk up the future of Hella Bus. You could say he is the Jose Canseco to Hella Bus’s Barry Bonds.

This guy. Usually in need of a haircut and a cup of coffee, Toby tends to lurk right behind you, tap you on the shoulder, and take a picture of you right as you turn around. Add in some Twitter, mix with Facebook, and things are looking pretty good right about now.

More heelarious photos below the jump!

All is well.

...so, what are you writing?

No, for real though, what are you writing??

And all was well.

The gang's all here.

And yes, it was intentional.

2 Responses to “Meet your Hella Bus bloggers”

  1. June 23, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Oh, thank goodness you all are plaid self-aware…otherwise I’d be a *little* worried…So excited for all of you as Bus bloggers!

  2. 2 mollie
    June 24, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    love it!

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