silver linings

Agape with excitement for climate change leislation

While the oil spill is unquestionably a disaster of horrific scale and scope, there’s always the possibility that the tragedy’s response can be spun into something more than angry congressional committee meetings and (well-deserved) “shakedowns.”

There’s a good chance that comprehensive climate change legislation will be taken seriously. And that, friends, is an unequivocal positive- even if that change in tone came from the worst environmental disaster in our history. Instead of half-measures, procrastination, and disappointment, we might actually see a real, live climate change solution hit the Senate floor.

And it might come from the great state of Washington. Senator Maria Cantwell has a really good proposal that she produced with co-sponsor Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine. She and her co-sponsor will meet with President Obama today to discuss their measure and, hopefully, earn it the support of the White House. Her office produced a surprisingly high-budget and coherent YouTube video explaining the measure:

Regardless of CLEAR’s fate, we should be glad that anything like it is getting traction. Climate change and energy policy have been put off for far, far too long.


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