Doe v. Reed: BFD (in the Joe Biden sense)

Another R-71 victory (thanks P-I for the photo)

Good news from the Supes! Not the SuperSonics- they don’t exist anymore– but the Supreme Court. The Bus has beefed with this version of the Supremes (and not only because Diana Ross is no longer a member), but they definitely got this ruling right.

This ruling, the decision of Doe v. Reed, declares that the signatures required to get an initiative on the ballot should be included in the public record. The Bus is all about transparency and openness- our beef with the Supes came when they messed up on those lines (don’t worry, though; we’re all about the judicial system- we don’t shoot guns). The case emerged in our own great state and made its way to the Other Washington to contribute positively to Our Great Nation’s jurisprudence.

Props to AG McKenna for a case well-argued. High fives for everybody. Here’s s’more (you’re killing me Smalls!) articles if you’re interested:


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