Meet the Bus’s 2010 candidates

Here at the Bus, we like good people. And we like good politics. If you were to make a Venn diagram of those two universes, the overlap would encompass a select group of elected officials, whose very existence makes Washington a better place.

Hyperbolic? We don’t think so! Good public officials fight for access to education and health care, for equal rights and social justice, and for environmental protections and local businesses. They’re pretty key to this whole thing we call “good government.”

With that in mind, we’re very proud to present to you the Bus’s selected 2010 candidates, all of whom will fight for young people and our issues. It’s a great list, and in a year with a ton of amazing candidates, it was no easy thing to select these few. But select we did, and we’re extremely proud of the results.

Each candidate submitted a video explaining why they wanted the Bus to support them, and since we know a video is worth a thousand pictures, and therefore a million words, we’ll stop talking and let our candidates take it from here!

1. Andy Billig, repping central Spokane

2. Joe Fitzgibbon, repping West Seattle, Burien and Vashon Island

3. Randy Gordon, repping Mercer Island and Bellevue

4. Nick Harper, repping Everett and Marysville

5. Claudia Kauffman, repping Kent and Covington

6. Geoff Simpson, repping Kent and Covington

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