Network addresses are so passe

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m glad President Obama is trying to cross over from his usual medium. The guy was getting hemmed in by sticking to traditional “video” and “audio.” Those definitions are so outdated and restrictive.

People are saying this new direction is so-called “avant garde,” but that’s hardly the case. Obama is a big follower of the innovators in the public address genre and if you’re in the know, all the usual influences are pretty obvious. Personally, I think it’s OK since he’s more of an homage type than a rip-off. Even so, he could probably stand to give some more direct props. Regardless, here’s a summary in the man’s own words, from the nation’s finest news source:

“My work speaks for itself,” Obama said as he applied blackface makeup to prepare for the shooting of a new video called Ask/Tell/Die. “I can’t tell the people of our great nation what to think or how to react. That’s up to the viewer. All I’m looking for is an honest reaction— something that shocks the bourgeoisie out of its mind-numbing, plastic complacency for once and causes them to sit up and scream from the depths of their rotting bowels, ‘Ahhhhh! Who are we and what is the nature of our existence?! We are like cockroaches marching into a bowl of spoiled milk to drown! We are all drowning!'”

Tell it how it is, Mr. President. Tell it how it is.


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