Some things we might or might not want you to vote for (and one thing we do want you to vote for)

How did he get Park Place AND Boardwalk?

We know that you, like all of us here at Hella Bus, were camped outside the Secretary of State’s office last Friday for the Official Handing In of Signatures for Ballot Initiatives 2010. We know because we saw you there (those were great Facebook photos!).

All right, all right. We were the only ones there. But you all really missed out. Not only did we get to find out what initiatives made it before anyone else, we also got to play Monopoly with Sam Reed. Score!

After that, we skipped town before Secretary Sam “Sizzle” (this is how he prefers to be addressed) could get us to count and verify signatures. We’re lame like that. We’d never offer to help clean up when you have us over for dinner.

Anyhow, here’s what made the cut, with helpful commentary(!):

  • Initiative 1107: Rollback of tax on soda, candy, etc. These folks are the parents you always wanted- you know, the ones who would give you Snickers soaked in Dr. Pepper whenever you asked for it.
  • Initiative 1053: Eyman’s newest effort- requires 2/3 vote by Legislature to raise taxes. Tim Eyman does not like taxes.
  • Initiatives 1105 and 1100: Both would, through different means, privatize the State’s liquor store monopoly. These campaigns celebrated by teetotaling.
  • Initiative 1082: BIAW-bankrolled effort to privatize the state’s worker-compensation fund. Would I get more sick days?
  • Initiative 1098: Bus-endorsed measure that would create an income tax on high earners and cut taxes for the middle class. The Bus is reconsidering the whole support thing, because we found out naked people like it. Eww.

That was fun. Direct democracy is exhausting, isn’t it? Back we go to pasting pictures of Joe Fitzgibbon* on the walls of Bus HQ…

*It’s not creepy, just loving


1 Response to “Some things we might or might not want you to vote for (and one thing we do want you to vote for)”

  1. July 12, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Good to see Initiative 1098 progressing, though all these corporate initiatives are annoying.

    Our American Generation, a youth social justice think tank in Seattle, has a new article on 1098, would the Bus send some link-love? http://wp.me/pUh2o-9j

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