Leaders in Fashion

Bush "I'm not so sure about the color, it matches your eyes though"

Do you ever notice that when politicians are addressing a group of working class workers they tend to take off their suit jackets and roll up their sleeves? Or when protesters march for a cause they tend to dress with an air of dignity to further prove their fight for justice?

Fashion is a political statement.

From the covers of magazines to the insides of tabloids, for years politicians have been on both ends of the fashion forums, either highlighting their great taste or awful interesting choice of attire (especially hats).

These are a few politicians who are interested in the greater good and looking good…..


The man to the left was once proclaimed by Tom Ford to be the “chic-est man on the planet”. His ever-present Karkul hat-made out of the pelt of foetal or new born lambs – was the chic-est thing around when Karzai took power in Afghanistan in 2002. Yes, Hamid Karzai and his love of the karkul hat. Although it has sparked the interest of fashion houses in the West and the cries of animal right advocates, recently this national symbol has been losing its luster. Ever since the election that Karzai has been accused of rigging, Afghans have been saying Karzai’s “deception to the nation” has leaked through the veil of his political costume. Only time can tell whether the hat will continue to cover this leader’s head.

Model turned pop star turned first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozi is a obvious choice for an iconic fashion figure. We should expect nothing less from the daughter of a former Italian model and industrialist. In her 2007 interview with The Observer, Mrs. Sarkozi describes her love of Yves Saint Laurent, simple Italian elegance, and the time her mother gasped at seeing her in a back-less YSL dress.

Unlike Bruni-Sarkozi, France’s Justice Minister Rachida Dati didn’t have a glamorous upbringing. She lived in public housing, not a chateau, and the daughter of a Moroccan mason and an Algerian housewife. To complement her petite figure, she prefers tailored Chanel jackets and Roger Vivier Buckle heels. Not only av ante gard in her fashion, she is also the second woman in France’s history to hold the high position of Garde des Sceaux! Bien joué Madame Dati.

I approve the noodles..not the shirt

“Is anyone able to stop him wearing such a thing?” Designer Don Konishi remarked after seeing Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s choice of shirt (right). The shirt that made his approval ratings take a sharp nose-dive: the bad re-incarnation of the hipster plaid shirt. This is the multi-colored checkered piece can be yours on Shirtsmyway.com, a Shanghai based manufacturing company. This was an odd choice for this usually boring traditional  leader. His wife, on the other hand, has been noted for her eccentricity and brief encounter with Tom Cruise, since according to her, he was Japanese in a past life.

Although usually noted for his shirtlessness, Vladamir Putin Russia’s ruler Prime Minister of Russia, has been making headlines in the fashion industry. The “Putin Jacket” has been seen around Italy this past Winter Season when the Italian Prime Minister sported Putin’s present, a Russian Navy jacket, around town. The former President has been noted by Esquire Magazine for his “addiction” to luxurious goods and clothing.


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