Writing for Hella Bus is rad.

this could be you

It’s true. I believe that so much, in fact, that I freakin’ work in the Bus specifically for the blog. I eat, drink and sleep Hella Bus. (Mmmm. Frosted blog flakes.) Much of my time is spent scouring the Interwebs for interesting stuff to entertain and inform myself with and Hella Bus means I can share that kind of stuff with all y’all and not just my friends. Who were on the verge of being ex-friends because I send them too many links. (Kidding.)

But for real, I love writing here. To that end I’m involved in writing a style guide for future Hella Bus writers. Indeed, I wanted to tell y’all about how much I love writing for Hella Bus not only because it’s true but because we’re going to add some powerful bats to the Hella Bus lineup. We want you, our dedicated readers, to be the first ones to apply for these prospective writing gigs. Consider this your heads up. Applications will get posted soon… be on the lookout.


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