The VoteBot diaries

getting my groove on

Dear Hella Bus,

Fish. Hella fish. Ballard people love their fish, but do they love voting? This past weekend I hit up the Nordic inspired 36th Annual Ballard Seafood festival in the mean streets of Ballard with the Summer Fellows and sampled many Northwest underwater delicacies. Other than learning that crab cakes may be the best thing everrrr, I also learned that Vikings (as well as felons) are indeed eligible to vote.

Photo Credit: http://www.seafoodfest.org

Just East of Ballard, I learned something else new and that is that people in Seattle LOVE to drink. Drink milk, that is. I headed to Greenlake to see the Milk Carton Derby and to register new voters. Not only did I meet the typical joggers, sunbathers, and rollerbladers but I met tons of people eager to hop on the Bus. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people rock the vote AND rock the boat.

I also had the opportunity to show off some dance moves at the International District Summer Festival. Now, not only do I have the Robot and the Robo-boogie in my arsenal of dance awesomeness, but now you can add the ever popular… Hulu. It’s coming back people. Vote-bot expanded his/her already vast dance skills at the fest-full wild and crazy International District Summer Festival.


getting my props

meeting people is easy

split personality


2 Responses to “The VoteBot diaries”

  1. 1 sonnyismyhero
    July 13, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    VoteBot VoteBot where will you be next weekend?

  2. 2 Ben Han
    July 14, 2010 at 9:31 am

    Votebot is my hero. ❤ way to go summer fellows!

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