capitol countdown: three days…

Not that Capitol.

Guess what? Chicken Butt! We’re totally stoked on the Capitol Hill Block Party, just like you, if you hadn’t figured out by our ongoing Block Party coverage.

What’s the Bus going to be doing at Block Party? Great question. In fact: CAPITOL question, my dear Watson. We’ll be rocking out, obviously, to great beats from the likes of the Physics, THEESatisfaction and Shabazz Palaces, and we’re excited to be introducing some great candidates to the Block Party audience.

And that’s not all! We’re also going to be doing what we do best: making sure you have all the popsicles you need. No, really. Come find the Bus Summer Fellows (which will be easy, as we’re everywhere), where you can take a quiz, make a button or five, and walk away registered to vote, swag-rich, and 110% Bus.

Stop on by, and meet all your new friends. And your favorite voting robot, of course.


1 Response to “capitol countdown: three days…”

  1. 1 206ttle
    July 21, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Popsicles!!! I can’t wait!

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