Gabe’s Picks – Angry and Ashamed

Over the past few weeks, underground hip hop legend El-P has been going after tween icon Justin Bieber via Twitter pretty hard.  A challenge was issued to El-P to remix one of Bieber’s tracks and to everyones surprise he posted the remix last week.

This seemed like fairly normal Twitter meme with a producer releasing a sub-par joke track and everyone forgetting about the opus within a week, but somehow El-P made Bieber’s “Baby” listenable.  Nevermind, he made “Baby” great.  Mixing in Paul McCartney and the Wings’ classic “Live and Let Die”, and adding that unique El-P touch, the song was transformed from bubble gum radio hit to a hard as hell track that I would only be semi-ashamed to play in public.

Now, I’m still waiting for El-P to release the instrumental minus the Bieber vocals so someone with real talent can work their magic over the beat, but until then i won’t stop listening to this version.  I’m not the only person flabbergasted by how much this track goes.  The rap blogs have been blowing up with the anger/disappointment that goes along with actually enjoying a J-Bieb’s track.  Before you judge, give the song a listen and hey, you never know, maybe you’ll enjoy just as much as I have.


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