A post of announcement: Write for Hella Bus!

To misquote a certain internet meme of our day and age: we heard you like blogs, so we’re going to put you inside this blog so you can blog while you read your blog. Yes, that’s right, Hella Bus is looking for writers, and we think it might be you!


While that little internet meme above may not have translated quite as well as we’d hoped, we do want your BIG LEAGUE WRITING CAREER to go well. Didn’t catch that? You are going to have a BIG LEAGUE WRITING CAREER and it will start at Hella Bus.

Here’s how you start your BIG LEAGUE WRITING CAREER:

  1. Download this job description
  2. Download this application
  3. Download this style guide
  4. Read the job description, application and style guide
  5. Use the job description and style guide to complete the application by Friday, July 30, 2010.
  6. Get hired by the Bus
  7. Enter the mental state of a someone with a BIG LEAGUE WRITING CAREER (winner styleez)

Nitty gritty details:

  • The deadline to apply is Friday, July 30, 2010
  • The volunteer position lasts for four months
  • Block out the evening of Friday, August 6th for a training session – just in case!
  • Writer positions are volunteer (i.e. unpaid)
  • You will produce two posts per week during every week of your term, with the commensurate hours that requires
  • High five

Miscellany and viral video link: if you miss the deadline, you can’t apply after the deadline. That’s why it’s a deadline. But you can apply in November, when we rotate our crop of writers (so to speak.) Here is a viral video about crop rotation.


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