The state: not exactly stacking paper


Governor Gregoire must not have heard about the whole panhandling thing, because she’s hitting us up for ideas. I mean money. I mean both. I mean Leo’s dreams because they’re worth money.

Uh… yeah. Basically, our Governator wants people to submit their budget-balancing ideas so that she doesn’t have to come up with them or raise taxes can fill the multibillion dollar donut that is our state budget, because she wants to turn it into a maple bar.

Here’s the ideas the Bus is going to submit:

  • Sell lemonade.
  • Derivative credit swaps.
  • Sell naming rights for the Capitol.
  • Sell sponsorship rights for Mt. Rainier.
  • Sell sponsorship rights for Christine Gregoire’s forehead.
  • Operate a state-controlled monopoly on liquor distribution.
  • Auction off Monopoly dates with Sam Reed

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