Forty-Eight hours in Portland

Yours truly was off in Portland this past weekend soaking in the nice weather and great displays of public art-did you realize how clean the streets were?!

Well, in addition to checking out the amazing cafes-which I say rival the ones in Seattle-I also got a chance to be taken around by the fashion guru of Portland, Mr. Ryan JD Christensen.

He is the creator and genius behind the fashion line Sameunderneath and currently serves on the Board of our sister to the south, the Oregon Bus Project. More about the stores and Ryan’s awesome hair after the jump……Portland is home to a lot of unique shops in the downtown area and Pearl District. Although I only had one afternoon to do some shopping, here are the key places to check if you’re on a time crunch:

Moule in Portland offers an modern selection of clothing and home furnishings

For the high fashion diva in you, Moule on NW Everett St, is the prime spot. Established in 1987, the boutique carries high end names such as Alexander McQueen, Ted Baker, and Leyendecker for men, women, and children.

I even found an adorable stuffed giraffe right next to a black Rogan sweater. The shop is currently having a sale, so the three hour drive is much worth the “almost free” prices.

Our next stop was Local 35 located on Hawthorn Blvd. Since their key promo is the fact that they were “selected for the GQ100 and featured in Playboy” you know they must be taken seriously.

As one happy shopper stated, they sell clothes that look good. The owner is usually around, giving fashion advice to Portland’s female shoppers and moral support for their boyfriends. This is a must for male shopping since they have all the essentials for a complete wardrobe.It is a one-stop shop for all your needs

Although they are quite pricey, items are habitually up to 70% off. If the great selection of premium denim and soft colorful socks isn’t enough, the sales force is extremely good looking.

If they found a way to start serving alcohol, I would give them 6 out of 5 stars.

Great boots, wonderfully carved wooden chairs, and they even have a “nuts and bolts” selection on their website, Lizard Lounge on Irving Street is super hip. Caution: do not enter if you are less than a 7 on the hip-meter. If you don’t know what number you are, you shouldn’t be entering.

Now that you have reached an enter worthy number, you can browse the store’s noteworthy house brand, Horny Toad (sticking with the reptiles) as well as Hunter boots, Nine Days Denim, and grab a go-to pair of Levi’s ‘Made and Crafted’ jeans.

Although this next location is not a clothing store, it is one of the best spots in Portland. Powell’s books offers a esquisit selection of new and used books. It is a book lovers Utopia with everything from post-modern writings to books about the the formation of the Grand Coulee Dam.

The books never end!!

The staff on hand is great to help you find anything you are looking for. It is a massive store, so be ready to spend a great deal of time browsing and skimming through their selections.

For the Martha Stuart in all of us, check out Hive Modern on NW Glisan St. They have a nice selection of visually seductive lighting (oh la la) and simple contemporary designs.

As for eating, I  recommend Trebol Resteraunt and Tequila Bar on N Albina Ave. They offer upscale Mexican cuisine and a “hella” fine tequila bar. Pass the lime please. Some highlights include the spot prawns in chipotle adobo and their homemade flatbread topped with seasoned braised chicken, black beans, and a thick avocado salsa. Hmmm maybe we hit up Local 35 after a few hours of over 70 varieties of tequila.

You won’t find kids in green ski hats or talking towels here, but at Southpark you will find some of the best seafood in town. Their smoked salmon pita is decadent and their pork loin sandwich is topped with a Gruyère and apple-currant chutney. Not for the weak hearted.

Finish your stay at Departure Lounge on SW Morrison Street. They offer modern Asian cuisine and the largest selection of hand crafted sake Portland has to offer. The chef recommends the Panko crusted Kobe meatballs and blood orange Miso Cod. The views from the rooftop balcony are worth the trip itself.

Well hope you enjoyed the quicky….next month we are off to Vancouver!!


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