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Capitol Hill Bus Party: holy crap 2010

we got your back

Here’s the thing about the Capitol Hill Block Party: it freaking rules. Anytime you have thousands of young people coming together, amazing bands playing amazing music, and the Bus front and center with popsicles and pledge cards in hand, you know it’s going to be outrageous. And it was.

This year’s Block Party was ridiculously amazing! The Bus’s Summer Fellows were Pledge to Vote pros – getting just under 1,800 pledges to vote in three days! Add that to hundreds of voter registrations and thousands of new friends (we see you, homeslices), and you have what is surely one of the best weekends of the summer!

Huge thanks to Dave, Kerry, Steve, Victoria and the whole team for organizing this crazy thing, and to our friends Kia, Smokey, Steven, Quentin and more for making it hum. The Bus had a blast, and we’re super proud to be a part of this amazing community that is artistically vibrant and politically powerful! We’ll see you next year, Block Party – watch out now!

all smiles

true friendship

this is how we do it


this is my voter reg picture

Bus + Block Party = happiness

urgent message: sun's out, guns out

fred astaire, ladies and gentlemen

Vote for Bus

see youths! see youths block party! see youths pledge at block party!

VoteBots = Love

Voting fangirls

voting fanboys

hi! can i interest you in some democracy?

Bus = glamor


i mean, whatever. we're just taking it to the streets. no big deal.


three examples of Seattle's Finest

is your team undefeated? yes. because this is your team.


Nick Harper – your first Bus trip!

The man, the myth, the Harper.

You know why the Bus is called the Bus? Simple: we HAVE a Bus! And do you know what we do with that Bus? Also simple: we load it up with YOU and 46 of your closest friends, and go support the best, youngest, most progressive candidates in Washington!

And yes our very first Bus trip of the year is coming up THIS Saturday, July 31st! The Bus is heading to the 38th Legislative District to support Nick Harper, a super progressive (whaddup Cascade Land Conservancy), super young (oh word, 31?), super badass candidate for State Senate.

We’re meeting up at the Bus office at 9:30 on Saturday, and we’ll be returning by 5:30. As always, food, beverages, training and swag are provided by the Bus (natch). The Bus (literal iteration) is filling up, but there are still spots available… for now. Reserve your spot today! Just email the Bus’s Field Marshall Christina at Christina(at)washingtonbus(dot)org, or RSVP online. Pow pow pow!


Moe. Joe. Moe Joe. Thursday.

different moe

Here at the Bus, we love Joe Fitzgibbon. He’s the kind of guy you would totally want to go out to a bar with and talk politics. Or represent you politically. So help him do both!

Joe needs your help to do the first thing- he can’t go to a bar with you if you’re not there, duh. Luckily, this month’s Washington Buzz is your chance! Come through Moe Bar (1425 10th Ave), for the ever-cleverly named Moe Joe. Drink specials, and special people!

And you can help Joe do the second thing (the whole “representing you politically, etc”) by going doorbelling during the Week of Joe, which begins on August 3rd.

And of course by going to Moe Joe you will be helping Joe get elected because Moe Bar is, as everyone knows, the key to getting votes. Or, rather, Moe votes so we can have Moe Joe in our Legislature.

Moe Joe

Thursday, July 29, 2010, 6pm to 8pm
Moe Bar
1425 10th Ave
Seattle, WA