Block Party Rap Up!!

no shirt, no shoes, but we do pledge to vote

Three Days, Eighty-two bands, and one Washington Bus! We made some music, made some money, and some of us found models for wives. Its a new year (on Capitol Hill) and I’m glad to be here. Let us push the button and start the show, parties don’t stop and parties don’t care….this is not not a stick-up but we got our hands in the air!!

And yes, those are all lyrics from Block Party bands – points if you can name them in the comments! But we digress, on to the fashion…

Capitol Hill Block Party sure was a big hootenanny, and the Bus brought along frozen delights for the over 1,700 of you who pledged and/or registered to vote. Naturally, our lovely fellows who threw t-shirts off the main stage were a hit with the crowds, as well as the candidates who introduced the bands.

Go team Go!!!

Although our “Friends with Benefits” shirts seemed to be a crowd pleaser by midday (wonder why) I am here to break down the non-Bus fashion that was seen on the Hill.

As predicted I did see a group of three guys wearing Utilikilts! I know it’s because they read my previous post on men’s fashion week. They did look like they were keeping quite cool – especially with a popsicle in hand.

It seemed as though if you were not wearing a bright colored tank top, a bandanna or headband, and cutoff jean shorts, you were not cool enough to see MGMT on Friday night. As a side note, I’m sad to report I didn’t find MGMT to be as good as I expected. “Electric Feel” didn’t tantalize me the same way as when I listen to it blasting from my stereo. But it was fate when Andrew and I crossed paths on Union. I will stop drooling now. Please call me.

The hot weather seemed to bring out our wild side. I spotted a clan of shirtless and painted “cave men” with saber teeth necklaces and a hunger for popsicles (see above). Also, one of the cavemen let me in on a little-known secret: he filled his hollowed out dinosaur bone with beer so people would just think he was walking around with a giant plastic bone. Good secret, but let’s be real: that’s just a common sight on Capitol Hill!

The Blue Scholars’ Geo was actually not sagging like his usual self, but still looked super fly in his purple Huskeez jersey. The crowd went wild when “50 Thousand Deep” was blasted through the mike. Saba gave a grand entrance by jumping into the crowd right as the show started. Everyone wanted a handful of that, but the security guards helped him out. His rocked it behind the turntables in a button up and shades and slicked back hair.

The body mass to facial hair ratio was dismal. This year’s motto seemed to be “the burlier the better.” I did see some stylish ‘stashes, everywhere from Mutton Chops, to Handlebar, Soulpatch, the Pencil, and even a Franz Joseph. If you were wondering, I did Google mustache styles for this post. If you would like to “flash your stash” there is a site for you and your facial hair to become famous.

I guess Middletown, Connecticut makes you an irresistible pop/funk/or electro rocker heart throb. Francis and the Lights are Wesleyan-bred (the old stopping grounds of MGMT) and were greeted by the squeals of teen girls (some moms in there too) on the Vera Stage. These sharply dressed (and one pompadoured) New Yorkers prefer to keep it classy with dark button ups, dark pants (tight of course), and even darker sunglasses.

All in all, it was hot, sweaty and great. We saw the good, the bad, and the badly in need of a shower, and when all is said and done, it’s that particular combination that makes the Block Party what it is, and that made last weekend as amazing as it truly was.

Check out some more fashion photos from the weekend!

hairy, hairier, hairiest

You are also from Canada Votebot?!

Brite Futures is so hot, they were roasting those coffee beans

The Blue Scholars support our Summer Felows

Who invented the Votebot dance?

strike a pose

"50 Thousand Deep"

It's a bird...it's a plane...its a giant inflatable cube!

I will never wash these hands again.....hairy, hairier, hairiest


3 Responses to “Block Party Rap Up!!”

  1. 1 Nicole
    July 28, 2010 at 11:51 am

    CHBP was awesome!

  2. 2 Nicole
    July 28, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    This is so awesome! I wish i could have been there, this was very interesting and entertaining! keep up the good work

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