“My Husband tells me you are into sharks”

We are all excited for shark week

Billy: “Dude, It’s Shark Week”

Danny: “I know bro, I haven’t seen sunlight in 48 hours”

That is the typical conversation you should be having all this week with your buddies because it is Shark Week on Discovery Channel! Woot Woot! Typically known as “the best week on television” the Discovery Channel has been airing Shark Week since 1987. What would make Shark week even better? Getting Snookie to swim with them of course!

I shall be taking you on a time trip through shark movies in history. Pull out the popcorn and that t-shirt you haven’t washed in a few weeks days…..

The father of all shark movies

We cannot have Shark Week post without mentioning the 1975 classic “Jaws”. This is the granddaddy of all shark movies (for the better or worse of mankind). This was the first time a movie became a “blockbuster” earning close to $12 million dollars. The movie also brought on our fear of entering the water….

He's back!

Jaws 2 came out to theaters in 1978. The Amity clan once again is facing a shark problem off their coastal waters. The town people disbelieve the claims that another man-munching monster is out in the water (typical). But good old chief gets his payback when he comes face to face with his “fishy” enemy. wah wah. yeah that was lame.

Look out behind you!

Deep Blue Sea (1999) follows a floating research facility searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s. Because you need an aquatic facility to research cures for diseases. Despite the odd plot line, the story gets worse better. The lead doctor in charge produces genetically engineered Mako sharks who eventually develop into GIANT KILLERS. Oh lord what will they think of next? The sharks then go off to “attack the hand that feeds them”.

And here’s the Progressive Voters’ Guide.


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