Take a bite out of your ballot

voteshark is hungry for democracy

Sometimes, dear readers, the stars (or perhaps The Whatever from High Atop the Thing) come up with some sort of alignment of cosmic proportions that allows for goodness to spring from the Earth and bunnies to drive Buses procreate like, well, bunnies and double rainbows to appear in the sky.

That’s right, folks… SHARK WEEK and PRIMARY WEEK (well, OK, one of two primary weeks…) are HAPPENING AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.

Democracy + sharks. Sharks + democracy. Primary voters + sharks. Uh, maybe not the last one, actually. We don’t want that to happen. No, no sirree. (Fear the land shark).

And we certainly don’t want Joe Fitzgibbon, whose Week is also concurrent with the Week of the Votesharks, to run afoul of the fearsome apex predator of the seas. Do not go swimming this week, Joe, especially if you have a ballot in your pocket. That would attract the Voteshark, because the Voteshark goes berserk for blank ballots like most sharks become brutal because of blood. Though I wonder why you would go swimming with your ballot. It would probably decompose. Don’t go swimming with your ballot. Fill it out instead.


Oh, and here’s the Progressive Voter’s Guide, put together by our friends at Fuse Washington.

Duh nuh… duh nuh… duh nuh…


1 Response to “Take a bite out of your ballot”

  1. 1 Kirk
    August 2, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Wow, that explains why that shark kept following the boat last night. I guess I put all the summer fellows lives in danger.

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