The Magic Vote Bus is coming for your votes!

The Magic Vote Bus is coming to town!Yes, you read that right: it’s a mixture of a Christmas song, a children’s show and a love for getting out the vote. What could be better? (the correct answer of course is nothing, nothing at all).

Allow us, the Summer Fellows, to explain.

On August 14th, the Bus, you, and everyone you know will roll up for a Get Out the Vote doorbelling extravaganza, appropriately themed Magic Vote Bus. The Magical Washington Bus will be taking you (and me, and everyone you know) to the beautiful West Seattle, a.k.a. the 34th legislative district, to doorbell for democracy. What was that date again?

August 14th? Yes, Saturday August 14th!

So what does the day look like? Let us illuminate.

First: Food. How have I not mentioned that yet? FREE FOOD. You will show up and try to look dainty while stuffing your face with food.

Second: Watching the Summer Fellows embarrass themselves in front of everyone while they pump up the crowd with some Magic Vote Bus craziness.

Third: knocking on doors to get young people to vote, yeeeahhhhh!! Because the August 17th Primary will only be a few days away!

Fourth: coming back to… Eat more FREE FOOD! and listen to some bumping tunes and possible meet your wife-husband-partner. Hey, it could happen…

So there you have it, Magical Vote Bus Madness. You should mark your calendar for August 14th, or make a gmail reminder for August 14th, or write  August 14th on your hand; because you don’t want to forget about this magical event that is happening on August 14th! Speaking of magical things, look at the picture below. It’s magical, just like you.


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