Truckasauras brought the Sonics back!

This awesome and professional image comes you courtesy of Really Good Graphics Makers Inc. Co. Ltd.


Ok, we’re totally making that up. Sorry to get you excited like that.

But they are bringing two things back: Kevin Calabro and collaboration. How did they do it? Well, neither ever really went away, as this improbable combination shows. But what the Truck managed to do is something so genius only the best bootyshakermakers in Seattle (the three producers of Truckasauras) could think of it: they combined Kevin Calabro and collaboration into one name, Kevin Collabo.

Mind. Blown.

But seriously, folks, this show is going to be crazy good. Allow us to explain the concept: Truckasauras + 30 badass Seattle MCs* + you + Kevin Calabro (I can only hope) + Kevin Durant and the Supersonics (for which I no longer hope but instead have a deep dark pit of blackness due to the destruction of the aforementioned hope but have some residual, instinctive emotional response that may or may not, in the end, be some form of hope) at Neumo’s, tonight, at 8 pm.

So good God, people, get up for the downstroke at Neumo’s tonight!

*Those would include Spaceman, Geo, Khingz, and SK…

This is the Progressive Voter’s Guide.

Courtesy Amateur Hour Images and Photoediting Co. Ltd. Inc. Bros.


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