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The Joe Fitzgibbon photoshoot

Your highly competent and rational volunteer friends

The Stranger may have a monopoly on compromising Joe + stapler photos… but we here at Hella Bus have a monopoly of Joe + You (You being the metaphorical, metaphysical You that makes up the Bus) photos that are not compromising to anybody, because this past Saturday Bus volunteers were over in West Seattle knocking on more doors so we can have more Joe in our Legislature.

Saturday was the final day of the Week of Joe and, overall, volunteers knocked on 2,000+ doors and walked many miles in their Air Force Ones.

Success! And the Bus owes it all to You- a.k.a. Bus People. High five!

The Bus: helping you do the right thing


Higher Education

The old school

Sometimes major events line up just so. Just think of the crazy/awesome coincidence that involved experiencing Shark Week and the Week of Joe at the same time.

A tribute to the timeless preppy style, Take Ivy, is being released in a new printing this month. The photobook, amazing showcase of Ivy League style, was produced during the 1960’s by a Japanese team of fashion writers and a photographer. It’s just in time to hit for back-to-school season.

The book was out of print until a few years back, but just a quick glance at Take Ivy proves that the preppy style transcends time and trends. The book has been scanned and blogged about a bunch on the Internet and lots of fashion watchers are really excited to see it published.

Check out breathtaking photos from the shoot in the video preview below and make sure you pick up the book when it drops on August 31- if you can. The first printing has already sold out. Continue reading ‘Higher Education’