The Magic Vote Bus explores the body politic

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Pheobe: Ms. Frizzle, did you know it’s election season???

Ms. Frizzle: Why yes, Pheobe, it’s my favorite time of year! How did you know elections were going on right now?

Pheobe: I was helping my 62-year-old grandma vote just last night.

Frizzle: What a coincidence, Pheobe – your grandma is exactly the age of the average Washington primary voter! Class, this looks like the perfect opportunity for a field trip. But today, we’re not taking our normal school bus, we’re taking the Magic Vote Bus on Saturday, August 14 at Delridge Playfield and exploring the Body Politic!

voting rocks

Frizzle: First, we will tour the brain of the average voter. Note how little of this brain is devoted to information on exciting local candidates. But look! As the Bus tours the brain, the names of young candidates are popping up everywhere!

Next, we’re heading for the heart. This voter’s heart beats slowly, with no indication that they’re excited about the dramatic election going on right now. But as the Bus moves closer, it appears the pulse is beating faster – this voter must be thinking about going on the August 14th Bus Trip to get out the vote in West Seattle.

Our last stop is this voter’s stomach. Class, watch carefully as it quickly fills with the delicious free food provided at the awesome, dancetastic afterparty! Thanks to the Washington Bus, this average voter is now informed, excited, and full of tasty food.

But that’s not all the Washington Bus has done to this voter. Not only is this average voter now happier and more fulfilled, it appears he/she has also become decades younger during the course of this short field trip.


The Class: Wow! The Magic Vote Bus is awesome!

Frizzle: That’s exactly right, class.

2 Responses to “The Magic Vote Bus explores the body politic”

  1. 1 sonnyismyhero
    August 10, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    I hear that Stacy Buell will magically transform into Ms. Frizzle…

  2. 2 Kirk
    August 10, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    Wow I never knew that the Bus had such magical youth regenerating and voter turn out powers! Just reading about the Magic Vote Bus has my brain a wired and heart beat highered!

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