The Magic Vote Bus explores Delridge

Why drive when you can fly?

Arnold – Hey Phoebe, why the long face?

Pheobe- I’m sad because all the young people I know moved to West Seattle in time for Saturday, August 14 so they can be at Delridge Park. I’ll never see them again. Siiiiigh.

Arnold – Hold on, isn’t there something going on in West Seattle this Saturday?
Something democracy related?

Frizzle: Good find, Arnold! We have a solution for Phoebe’s friendless woes – a trip to wild West Seattle. To the MAGIC VOTE BUS!

Phoebe – Wow – look at all those young people! Why is everyone so excited?


Frizzle – Because the Bus is all about making sure young people vote, and that means we go where the action is! West Seattle is embroiled in the hottest (practically only) primary battle in Seattle, and we want to make sure young people make their voices heard!

Phoebe – Are those my friends down there knocking doors?

Frizzle – Indeed they are! We’ll be joining them on Saturday, August 14 at Delridge Playfield to talk to young voters, and make sure they send their ballots in. Could it be that easy? It could! . Friends! Cupcakes! Vote Bus!


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