Magic Vote Bust a move!

The correct term is pow pow!

You know what’s beautiful? Sunshine, hot weather, the sound of birds chirping their way through a slow balmy breeze. Know what else is beautiful? Tons and tons of young people knocking on doors, and making sure their peers turn in their primary ballots! Two beautiful things, eh? Luckily, this last Saturday, those two things just happened to overlap into the awesome glory that is/was/forever will be the Magic Vote Bus!

It was, indeed, an amazing day: over 70 young people knocked on over 1,500 doors in mere hours, showing the oomph and pow (and also ka-blam) that our generation truly has. The Fellows decided to target voters under the age of forty, and target they did. The best way to get someone to vote is to ask them to, face to face, and thanks to the Fellows, young voters got the extra push they needed to get their primary ballots in on time.

A huge thanks to everyone who made it possible: to Youngstown Cultural Center for hosting the afterparty, to the amazing volunteers who came out and got the job done, and of course to the Summer Fellows, for a) organizing the whole awesome shebang, b) providing what is possibly best dramatic interpretation of the Magic School Bus EVER, and c) for proving that it is possible to devour 150 Cupcake Royale cupcakes in the blink of an eye.

And of course, if you’re reading this and haven’t turned in your ballot, remember: election day (such as it is) is tomorrow. There is no better time to turn in your ballot than RIGHT NOW ! West Seattle was served this message on a silver platter this Saturday, so get on the Bus and get your ballots in!

I can feel the canvassing power coursing through to veins.

I wouldn't mind if these beautiful faces showed up at my door...

Mr. BronSkills. Our token Canadian.

According to my research the Summer Fellows ROCK!

Did we mention there were cupcakes?

Look at all these early risers!

Is that sun???


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