A Tall Glass of Joe (BUS TRIP!)

Whew.  It was a crazy primary and the Bus was all over the place.  After that long, hot, summer of politics the Bus knows what we could all use: some refreshment.  Voilá:

Ah, a nice tall glass of Joe Fitzgibbon

On Saturday, September 18th, Bus is heading to West Seattle for our very first Bus trip of the general election season!  There is no better way to kick things off then knocking on doors for the man, the legend, the Joe Fitzgibbon, who came through his primary with flying colors thanks to a crazy amount of Bus volunteer energy.

RSVP here for the September 18th Joe Fitzgibbon Bus Trip!

You have two ways of getting on the Bus for Joe:

1. Literal style: want to ride the actual Bus? The Bus itself will be departing Bus HQ on Capitol Hill at 9:30. You can reserve your seat right here!

2. Metaphorical style: already have transportation? Meet your fellow Bussers at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (4408 SW Delridge Way) at 10:00! You are a star.

Great times await, and we can’t think of a better candidate to break the metaphorical bottle of champagne over the literal general election!

RSVP today and get on the Bus. It’s going to be interspectacular.


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