Reality Bites!

Why yes, that IS Monica Lewinksy hosting.....sure she goes for "personality"

Don’t you think the term “reality television” is an oxymoron?

We watch shows to escape from the real world (not the MTV show).  To revel in someone else’s moments of humiliation and gossip rather than our own.

Why is America addicted to reality TV? Is it because we find solace in the knowledge that things are bad but could be worse?

Of course, during a recession, reality TV is going to remain an attractive option. It’s cheap, cheerful (or at least ridiculous), and has a practically guaranteed audience thus it’s advertising space will go for a premium fee.

But we have come across an economic conundrum (favorite word): the glut. There is a reality TV glut. As the amount of shows increase, the quality of said shows decrease. Fast.

The show actually ended in a lawsuit- LaToya Jackson and Jack Osbourne were named

Reality TV is great for the producers because the actors come on the cheap. No accredited actors there. As union performers, old-fashioned “actors” would be entitled to catered food, regulated breaks and scale pay.

But there IS hope for us little people: a school for aspiring reality television stars. The New York Reality TV School. I hear The Situation and Snooki will team up for the graduation speech.

Perhaps even Paris Hilton will show up- in between her stints in jail.

The good news is for this upcoming Fall lineup, stations such as CBS and NBC are airing more dramas and sitcoms. The bad news is I don’t know how appealing these new shows are…..

Except Law and Order: Los Angeles. Terrence Howard is a ballahhh!  But back to reality (so to speak):

This reality TV “glut” of ours has produced some promising leads.  Check the new show called $#*! My Dad Says based on Justin Halpen’s popular Twitter feed about the “wtf” comments of his politically incorrect father.

Too edgy for seattle?  We will find out!

dum dum dum.


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