Bigger, scarier, and better than ever!

The big dudes

Is there a brisk fall breeze in the air? Is the Bus referencing late 70s B movies again? These tell-tale signs can only mean one thing: it’s time to sign up for Trick or Vote!  It’s back, baby! And it’s coming for you!

Sign up right now!

Trick or Vote is:

a) Awesomely fun – it’s you and three hundred of your closest friends, in costume, getting candy, loving a free all ages show, and reminding people to vote mere days before election day!

b) Awesomely big – this year we have Trick or Votes running in Seattle, Spokane and Vancouver, which means you’ve got options!

And finally, c) awesomely effective – this year Trick or Vote is in support of the two heroes of this year’s crowded initiative list, 1098 and R 52!

Let’s review: big, fun, effective, scary, spooky, all ages, candy-loving, and packed to the brim with good music and good people. Flawless victory.

Here’s what to do: sign up for Trick or Vote today (right now!). Done.

And what makes Trick or Voting even more fun? Trick or Voting with a crew of friends, of course! Sign up to be a captain, and bring your crew and a car!

Watch this space for more details about bands, parties and all that goodness, and sign up now!

It’s just like that. Only in Seattle. And everyone loves each other. CAN YOU DIG IT?


2 Responses to “Bigger, scarier, and better than ever!”

  1. 1 VoteBot
    September 22, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    awe50Me! HapPy 8IR7hday ALEX!

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