Meet the Lovely Referendum 52

We've Found a Winner

If elections were like dog shows, Referendum 52 would easily take Best in Show. Its got cuteness (kids), tricks (increasing test scores) and a super fashionable ensemble (sharp, retrofitted schools). R-52 is one of the Bus’ favorite puppies measures on this November’s ballot. Seriously, this referendum has got skills, and the Bus is super proud to be supporting it.  Although the benefits reach even further, this paramount goal of this bill is to invest in young people. As all riders of the Bus know, this is a hella productive investment.

We want the best schools we can afford, and for us as young people, school might be half the world we know. Even though we’re sometimes nostalgic about surviving asbestos ridden ceilings, lead in the water, and stuffy classrooms that put you to sleep, we are all probably missing about 50 IQ points because of it. And maybe it would have been nice to have a drink of water from time to time.

The basic plan is to set up a state funded program to retrofit public schools for improved energy efficiency and infrastructure. The saved energy efficiency, and therefore cash-money, is garnered by local school districts. But I wouldn’t be praising this show pooch so highly if its intrigue stopped there. Here is what you’ll love about R-52 when you vote for it in November:

  • Energy Savings for local school districts (Duh, didn’t he just say that?!)
  • Students get smarter. According to a bunch of already-really-smart people, energy retrofits for schools have increasingly improved students’ performance by improving air quality and circulation. Sounds like kids will be healthier too!
  • Lots of jobs for Washingtonians will be created, and they’ll be jobs of that delicious green-variety. The campaign for R-52 says that 30,000 jobs can be created by the program, and those jobs would be within the construction industry which has been hit particularly hard by the recession.
  • Finally, by passing R-52 the Emerald State will be living up to its name by protecting our beautiful environment.

If I counted that right, R-52 is officially a win, win, win, win situation. And you only need to check one box to make it happen! What a delight. There will be much more from the Bus on Referendum 52 in the coming weeks. For now, learn more about it, and tell the homies.

Better yet, run the homies over with the Bus and tell them to come to TRICK OR VOTE on Halloween. It is going to be equally awesome, furry and frightening. I hope to see some show dog costumes there. Sign up!

See the followup posts on R-52: Kids Getting Smarter, Saving the Future, Saving Scrilla


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